Message at the Top
April 15, 2018

"Doing Whatever It Takes to Live Well"

Part 1
            Good morning Central Kansas and around the world!  Thank you for joining us this third Sunday of April of 2018.  I hope your April has begun in a beautiful way and that the Spring weather is good to you.  Thank you for joining us and welcome to MATT on today’s best music, Mix 103, the number 1 rock station in central Kansas.  It’s great to have you with us this Sunday morning as we study the top 10 of today and yesterday, not only listening to the songs, but studying their meanings as well.  I am Fr. Mike Scully, your host for MATT and it’s my pleasure to give you some great songs and some great messages.  Get ready to listen to some songs from Charlie Puth, Train, the Goo Goo Dolls, MAX, and many others.  Today we will think about “doing whatever it takes to live well.”
            And the reason for that are the first two songs on our show today, one from the group Imagine Dragons, one from the group Lifehouse, both with the same title, both very different in their description of life.  First to a great song of meaning from Imagine Dragons, a song involving thinking outside the box and trying to do good.  I was born to run,” they sing, “I was born for this. Whip, run me like a racehorse, pull me like a ripcord. Break me down and build me up, I wanna be the slip, word upon your lip, letter that you rip, break me down and build me up. Whatever it takes, ‘cause I love the adrenaline in my veins. I do whatever it takes, ‘cause I love how it feels when I break the chains.  Whatever it takes.  Always had a fear of being typical.”  The person in the song will do whatever it takes to be different but accomplish something.
            Actually there are many things that one can do in order to live well.  So, let’s think about a situation as we think of the songs of our show this morning: the situation? “Doing Whatever It Takes to Live Well.”  That is, “What are some things that help us live well?”  / Before we get to some answers however, may I as a minister, suggest a major one, namely God.  I know I’m doing a little preaching here, but bear with me because I think that everyone of us can get into this reading.  It is called “Footprints.”
“One night I had a dream.
I was walking along the beach with the Lord,
and across the skies flashed scenes from my life.
In each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand.
One was mine, and one was the Lord’s.
When the last scene of my life appeared before me,
I looked back at the footprints in the sand
and, to my surprise,
I noticed that many times along the path of my life,
there was only one set of footprints.
And I noticed that it was at the lowest and saddest times in my life.
I asked the Lord about it:
‘Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you would walk with me all the way.
But, I notice that during the most troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why you left my side when I needed you most!’
The Lord said,
‘My precious child, I never left you during your time of trial.
When you see only one set of footprints, I was carrying you.’”
My strong opinion is that if we hold on to the hope that God’s presence gives us, we will be doing whatever it takes to live well.
            Obviously, that is something that I would hold on to, as I am a clergyman.  Hopefully, so will a lot of others, but let’s study the different things—whatever it takes—to help us live well.”  And to start us off, this is Imagine Dragons from their album “Evolve,” their song “Whatever It Takes, number 5 on MATT.
(double)  5 WHATEVER IT TAKES / Imagine Dragons
                                    WHATEVER IT TAKES / Lifehouse
Part 2
            Another song with the name “Whatever It Takes,” the time from the songs of meaning of 2007 and the group Lifehouse from their album “Who We Are” and a great song to study for people about to be married.  “A strangled smile fell from your face,” they begin their song, “It kills me that I hurt you this way; the worst part is that I didn’t even know.  There’s a million reasons for you to go, but if you can find a reason to stay, I’ll do whatever it takes to turn this around.  And if you give me a chance, believe that I can change, I’ll keep us together whatever it takes.”  And her response is “If we’re gonna make this work, you gotta let me inside even though it hurts.”  He has hurt her in the past because he didn’t communicate well, and now, she says, that in order to get anywhere in the relationship, he has to learn to open up.  Falling in the category of doing whatever it takes, our theme today, something we have said so many times—communication is absolutely necessary for life.  It has a great official video to study by the way.  Good song.
            And we have made it to our first triple play of the day, and we will begin it with Mr. John Roger Stephens better known as John Legend, an American singer /songwriter born in Springfield, Ohio, on the music scene since 2004, and quite an accomplished artist.  It is a love song, but his girlfriend is just a little mixed up, although it sounds as though she is coming around to what the man in the relationship wants.  “What would I do without your smart mouth,” he begins the song, “drawing me in and you kicking me out.”  But the refrain is: “All of me loves all of you.  Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.  Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you.  You’re my end and my beginning.  Even when I lose I’m winning ‘cause I give you all of me, and you give me all of you.”  It is a song of beginning romantic love, and the man is hopeful that the relationship will last.  Beginning romantic love is always a time of wonder for couples, and one that you really have to allow to happen by giving it enough time.  I have no practical experience with that, to say the least, but I know that it is true after counseling a lot of beginning love relationships.  Giving a sufficient amount of time to a relationship is doing whatever you can do, our theme today, to insure that the relationship will last. / Joining him in the triple are Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake, but this is John Legend and “All of Me” from his album “Love in the Future” on MATT.
(triple)        ALL OF ME / John Legend
                                    WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN / Bruno Mars
                                    10 SAY SOMETHING / Justin Timberlake
Part 3
            That was Justin Timberlake along with Chris Stapleton from Justin Timberlake’s album, “Man of the Woods,” and their song “Say Something”, number 10 on MATT.  It is a song about communication as so many of these songs are, this one with a very important possibility.  “Everyone knows all about my direction,” they sing, “and in my heart somewhere I wanna go there, still I don’t go there.  Everybody says say something, I don’t wanna get caught up in the rhythm of it.  But I can’t help myself.  Maybe I’m looking for something I can’t have.  Sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing at all.”  I believe that that last line is a great insight, but at the same time I firmly believe that saying something is the best way to go.  In fact, I think we should be doing whatever it takes, our theme today, to learn communication well. 
            Before them, we heard from Peter Gene Hernandez or Bruno Mars with a song of high meaning from 2013 from his album “Unorthodox Jukebox”, “When I Was Your Man”.  It is an excellent song to study especially for any young man who is dating at the present time.  He begins the song by acknowledging that the man in the relationship has lost his girlfriend, and then talks about why.  He says that he was too young, too dumb to realize: “I should have bought you flowers and held your hand, should have gave you all my hours when I had the chance, take you to every party ‘cause all you wanted to do was dance.  Now my baby’s dancing, but she’s dancing with another man.”  When we learn to love romantically and otherwise, we will spend time at what satisfies another human being.  That is among the “whatever it takes”, our theme today, to bring about a happy life, especially with another partner of love.
            Our theme today is that idea of doing whatever it takes to live well.  We took it from Imagine Dragons’ song “Whatever It Takes”.  We will continue with that thought in just a few minutes as we listen to and study the music of in order of appearance—Calvin Harris, Lenny Kravitz, Imagine Dragons again, Katy Perry and a song new to the top 10 from Maroon 5.  Before those songs, here’s a thought about living from my quote manual and United States writer Ashley Brilliant: “Before I knew the best part of my life had come, it had gone.”  Think about that!  I’m Fr. Mike for “Message at the Top” on Mix 103.  Why not stay right where you are as you enjoy your third Sunday of April morning with us.  We’ll be right back.
Part 4
            We are back for “Message at the Top” which gives you the top 10 rock songs of our area that have been most popular during the week.  Today, we are playing the songs and studying them in the light of our theme which is “Doing Whatever It Takes to live well,” a thought taken from Imagine Dragons’ number 5 song this week “Whatever It Takes”.  I’m your host, Fr. Mike Scully.  Thank you for joining us again this morning.  It is great to have you with us!
            Mr. Calvin Harris and Mr. Lenny Kravitz are two great songwriters and singers, and we have them in double play right now.  First to Adam Richard Wiles, better known as Calvin Harris.  It is a song of a relationship which sounds like a good one between the couple at first.  “When I met you in the summer,” he begins his song, “to my heartbeat sound, we fell in love as the leaves turned brown.  And we could be together as long as skies are blue.”  But then the song turns bitter.  He sings, “You act so innocent now, but you lied so soon when I met you in the summer.”  Whoa.  So, not a good relationship at all now, and real fodder for revenge to happen on his part.  A person that feels this way could do whatever it takes, our theme today, to get the relationship back in order, but he may not want that.  This is from his album “Motion,” Calvin Harris and his song “Summer” from the year 2014 on MATT. 
(double)  SUMMER / Calvin Harris
                      LADY / Lenny Kravitz
Part 5
            Mr. Leonard Albert Kravitz better known as Lenny Kravitz from his album “Baptism,” and the song “Lady” from 2004 on MATT.  “I’m weak and I’ve gone hazy,” he sings, “I’m crazy for that lady.  She’s so fine.”  As he sings about this sophisticated lady, he makes a statement that is good to think about, I believe.  He sings: “Never knew there was such a lady that would make me want to straighten out my life at this time.”  Now, I really like that idea.  The lady is making him want to straighten out his life, and that is something that every one of us should do whatever it takes, our theme today to bring about, in my humble opinion.
            Another triple play is all set on our computers for our listening pleasure right now with Katy Perry being bookended by numbers 9 and 8.  Which means that we begin with number 9 and for the second time today the group Imagine Dragons.  It is a song that says to all of us to “never give up on your dreams,” which is part of the words of the song.  The person in the song sets the stage of not being just another person: “I was dreaming of bigger things, not a follower, I was lightning before the thunder.”  Other kids were making fun of him, but now he sings, “I’m smiling from the stage while you were clapping in the nosebleeds.  Never give up on your dreams.”  It is a great leadership song—follow your dreams, be what you can be.  Considering it with the theme of doing whatever it takes, I think we should be doing whatever it takes to follow our dreams toward the things that we feel inclined to do.  MATT presenting here Imagine Dragons also from their album “Evolve” and their song “Thunder” at number 9 on MATT.
(triple)        9 THUNDER / Imagine Dragons
                                    LAST FRIDAY NIGHT / Katy Perry
                                    8 WAIT / Maroon 5
Part 6     
            New to our top 10 from the very popular group Maroon 5 and their latest album “Red Pill Blues”, number 8 and their song “Wait” on MATT.  It is a song of begging another to hear an apology for past behavior.  “Oh, let me apologize,” they sing, “I’ll make up for all those times.  Your love, I don’t wanna lose, I’m beggin’ you.  Wait, can you turn around, can we work this out, can you come here please?  ‘Cause I wanna be with you.  Can we talk for a moment?”  The man in the relationship has done some things that are totally wrong, and now, he’s begging her to give him another chance.  It sounds as though he is willing to do whatever it takes, our theme today, to make things right, and indeed he should if he wants that relationship to last.
            Before them, we heard what I call a “selfish song” from Katy Perry and her song “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” from her very popular album “Teenage Dream” from the year 2011.  It is a song about a lot of pleasure.  The storyline is acted out in the official video of the song and is that of a past Friday night which was a night of major celebration and it has left the person in the song quite confused, but she desires more of it.  “There’s a stranger in my bed,” she begins the song, “there’s a pounding in my head, glitter all over the room, pink flamingos in the pool.  I smell like a minibar, Barbie’s on the barbeque.  Pictures of last night ended up online.  Last Friday night we danced on tabletops, and we took too many shots, think we kissed but I forgot.  This Friday night, do it all again.  TGIF.”  Once again, pleasure is presented to us to study, and once again I will say that pleasure may feel good, and it is worthwhile to have in life, but I’ll be quick to say that we should do whatever it takes, our theme today, to not spend our time only on pleasure.
            Convinced that most music is basically good, ours is the learning theme today of “Doing Whatever It Takes to live well,” from Imagine Dragons and their song “Whatever it Takes.”  Our second hour’s beginning next will explore that theme with Pink among others.  First this thought about real living.  It comes from Joe E. Lewis: “You only live once -- but if you work it right, once is enough.”  Not bad.  Happy third Sunday of April, everyone.  I’m Fr. Mike Scully, listen to these words of wisdom, and then I hope you come back here for more wisdom.
Part 7
            Every song has a message and most of the time, that message can actually help our lives in some way.  Such is our belief on this show.  Good morning, everyone, and happy month of April to all of you.  This is “Message at the Top”, on Mix 103.  We have songs of meaning along with their music with the top 10 as it comes to us this 15th day of April, 2018.  I am Fr. Mike Scully, and our motto is to enjoy the music, and to listen to the message.
            We begin our second hour with another triple play, this time bookending Disclosure with numbers 7 and 6.  First to number 7 and Mr. Charles Otto Puth Jr. better known as Charlie Puth.  It is a song about the man in the relationship who made a mistake, and his girlfriend wants to know whether it is the end of the relationship or not.  “She said, ‘Boy, tell me honestly.  Was it real or just for show?’  She said, ‘Save your apologies, I just gotta know.  How long has this been going on?’”  The man admits that it is his fault, and she is just about to leave if it is a real problem.  Exactly what she should do, I believe.   Sometimes one has to use “tough love” in life, but do whatever it takes, our theme today, to make sure that there is love in the “tough love”. This is Charlie Puth, a 26 year old singer/songwriter, from his future album “Voicenotes,” and his song “How Long” number 7 on MATT.  
(triple)        7 HOW LONG / Charlie Puth
                                    LATCH / Disclosure f/ Sam Smith
                                    6 BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA / Pink
Part 8
            That was Alicia Beth Moore Hart better known as Pink from the album, “Beautiful Trauma”, the lead song from it, “Beautiful Trauma” number 6 this week on MATT.  “It’s like we burn so bright we burn out,” she sings, “I made you chase me.  My love, my drug, we’re messed up, ‘cause we’ve been on the run so long they can’t find us.  Who’s gonna have to die to remind us that it feels like we chose this blindly.  These tough times they keep coming.  After we were high, it was you, the pill I keep taking, the nightmare I wake in, there’s nothing but you, my perfect rock bottom, my beautiful trauma.”  It seems that she is saying that the man in the relationship is very much like a drug that makes her feel tremendously good, but then is let down hard, the perfect rock bottom.  How might the song fit into our theme today of doing whatever it takes for life?  Well, how’s this: In life, we must do whatever it takes to avoid hitting rock bottom, but if we do, to seek comfort in the things that can really help us.
            Before her, we heard from Disclosure who is an English duo of brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, and performing with them in this song is the English singer Sam Smith and a song of devotion to another.  Their song is from Disclosure’s album “Settle,” from 2015, and their song “Latch”.  “You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down.  You enchant me even when you’re not around.  If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down.  I’m latching on, now I know what I have found.”  It is a song of real commitment to another, and presuming of course that the lady in the relationship agrees, it sounds as though the commitment should happen.  In terms of our theme, both of them should be doing whatever it takes to make the relationship work. 
            Another triple play begins right here with Major Lazer and it features the DJ talents of DJ Snake and the singing talents of MO whose real name is Karen Marie Anderson, a Danish singer/songwriter.  It is a song of wonder about a relationship that the man in the song hopes will work.  “Do you recall, not long ago?” they sing, “We would walk on the sidewalk--innocent, remember?  All we did was care for each other.  But the night was warm.  We were bold and young; all around the wind blows.  We would only hold on to let go.  What will we do when we get old?  Will we walk down the same road?  Will you be there by my side, standing strong as the waves roll over?  Blow a kiss, fire a gun.  All we need is somebody to lean on.”  In terms of our theme, if we are wondering whether a relationship will work, and we want it to, we will do whatever it takes to bring it about. / Joining them in the triple are Zedd and the Goo Goo Dolls, but this is from Major Lazer’s album “Peace Is the Mission”, the number 2 song of all the songs of meaning of 2015 “Lean On” on MATT.
(triple)     LEAN ON / Major Lazer f/ DJ Snake & Afrojack
                      LET LOVE IN / Goo Goo Dolls
                      4 THE MIDDLE / Zedd f/ Grey and Maren Morris
Part 9
            MATT presenting there Anton Zaslavski better known as Zedd.  He is singing with American singer Maren Morris and the American duo known as Grey and their song “The Middle”, moving up to number 4 this week.  It is a song about compromise, or as they call it meeting in the middle.  “Take a seat,” they sing, “Right over there, sat on the stairs, stay or leave.  The cabinets are bare and I’m unaware of just how we got into this mess.  Got so aggressive.  I know we meant all good intentions.  So pull me closer, come on over.  I can’t let you go.  Why don’t you just meet me in the middle?”  Looks like one of them made a mistake, and now he or she is seeking some type of “making up” and they are doing the right thing—they are seeking a compromise to the mess they are in.  If we will do whatever it takes, our theme today, to make a relationship last, you can bet that we will learn compromise.  Good song.
            Before them, we heard from the Goo Goo Dolls from the songs of meaning of 2007 from their album named after the song, “Let Love In”.  In their song, we see two people who have a relationship that is full of doubt and uncertainty—as every romantic love situation is / in the early days of discovering love.  Then when love comes into the situation, their relationship changes.  “You’re the only one I ever believed in,” they sing of a man’s relationship to his girlfriend, “the answer that could never be found, the moment you decided to let love in.  Now I’m banging on the door of an angel, the end of fear is where we begin, the moment we decided to let love in.”  That is, when the two of them let love in, their fears ended.  “There’s nothing we can do about the things we have to do without,” they sing, “the only way to feel again is let love in.”  And you can bet, once people let love in, then things begin to happen for the better.  In terms of our theme, would that every one of us would do whatever it takes to let love into their lives completely.
            Our topic this morning is that idea of doing whatever it takes, the thought having come from the song at number 5 from Imagine Dragons.  To take us to break, here’s arguably the most famous thought about life that has ever been written.  It comes from William Shakespeare and just about every high school or collegian in the world has studied it at one time or another.  Shakespeare knew how to say things, to be sure: “Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”  The play of course, “Macbeth.”  I don’t agree with the statement completely because I think life is much more than that, and if we are honest in that life, our life will indeed be great, but it’s a magnificent quote to study.  Hey, don’t even think of touching that dial—it is set for today’s best music, Mix 103 and MATT, and we’ll be right back.
Part 10
            Welcome back to the show that gives you the top 10 of today and yesterday along with their messages.  We call it MATT.  As we like to say, if a song is in the top 10, you will hear it here!  I’m your host, Fr. Mike Scully.  This morning we’re playing all our songs in the light of the thought of “doing whatever it takes to live well” a thought that we took from Imagine Dragons.  We are up to our segment 10 presentation this morning, and we are featuring one of the really good groups of our day, the group Train.
            The group Train was formed in 1993 in San Francisco, and has received all kinds of awards and honors during their time in the music business.  Let’s begin with their song “Drive By”.  It is a love song that describes the way the man in the relationship feels after meeting someone apparently just one time, and it did something to him, but not to her at first.  “On the other side of a street,” they sing, “stood a girl that looked like you.  I guess that’s déjà vu.  I thought this can’t be true ‘cause you moved to west LA or New York or Santa Fe or wherever to get away from me.  Oh, but that one night was more than just right.  I didn’t leave you ‘cause I was all through—oh, I was overwhelmed and frankly scared because I fell for you.  Oh, I swear to you.  I’ll be there for you.  This is not a drive by.”  They are singing about commitment, and tying it into our theme of doing whatever it takes for a good life, commitment to a life-long love relationship takes a lot of time and energy and we need to do whatever it takes to insure that in a love relationship.  Three from Train on these computers right now, first MATT presenting from their album “California 37”, and their song “Drive-By”, former number 1 from the year 2012 on MATT. 
(triple)     DRIVE BY / Train
                      SAVE ME SAN FRANCISCO / Train
                      PLAY THAT SONG / Train
Part 11
            MATT closing off our segment 10 presentation from the group Train and their song “Play That Song” from their latest album “A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat” from 2016.  It is a really happy song that takes off on a melody that everyone learns when they begin to play piano.  It is actually a love song, imploring someone to play the song that reminds him of a lady in his life.  “Play that song,” they sing, “the one that makes me want to go out all night long, the one that makes me want to think of you.  That’s all you got to do.  Hey Mr. DJ, play my baby’s favorite song.”  He wants the relationship to continue to be a happy one.  Like I say, a happy song and video by the way.  In terms of our theme, we should do whatever it takes to keep a good relationship going.
            Before them, them again, the group Train, and the title song from their album “Save Me San Francisco” a former number 1 from 2011.  They sing: “I been high, I been low, I been yes, and I been no, I been rock ‘n roll and disco, won’t you save me San Francisco.  Every day’s so caffeinated.  I wish they were Golden Gated, Fillmore couldn’t feel more miles away, so wrap me up, return to sender.  Let’s forget this 5-year bender, take me to my city by the Bay.  If I could wish upon a star, I would hitch a cable car to the one place that I’ll always call my home.”  So, the person in the song misses San Francisco, and wants to go back there to a “wide-eyed girl” as he sings.  Tying the thought into our theme, it sounds as though the man in the relationship will do whatever it takes to get him back to San Francisco.
            The numbers get smaller and the hits get bigger—Mr. Kasey Kasum’s words—and the hit at number 3 is from Mr. Ed Sheeran, finally moving down the chart now after so many weeks at number 1 or 2.  The song is a beautiful love song both in sound and in word.  “I found a love for me,” he begins the song, “just dive right in and follow my lead.  I found a girl, beautiful and sweet, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me ‘cause we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was.  I will not give you up this time, your heart is all I own and in your eyes you’re holding mine.  When you said you looked a mess, I whispered you look perfect tonight.”  Listening to the song, it seems as though the man in the relationship is being totally honest and totally complimentary to his girlfriend.  Looking at it from our theme of doing whatever it takes—in a relationship, one of the things that the couple must work on is to do whatever it takes to make the relationships better.  From his album which is a division sign, Mr. Ed Sheeran and his song “Perfect” number 3 on MATT. 
(double)    3 PERFECT / Ed Sheeran
                                    2 MEANT TO BE / Bebe Rexha f/ Florida Georgia Line
Part 12
            Our theme last week when we spoke of what we should spend time on in our lives, MATT presenting Bebe Rexha, 28 year old singer/ songwriter/ record producer from Brooklyn, New York and country duo Florida Georgia Line and their song at number 2, “Meant to Be”.  It is song with a pretty good message as far as I am concerned.  The message: let’s take our time to work things out, and if it’s meant to be, then it’s right.  Of course, as I have said, I would add that God will work with us as we work things out, but I am a clergyperson, remember.  “Lay on back and relax,” the man in the relationship says, “No need to go nowhere fast, let’s enjoy right here where we at.  Who knows where this road is supposed to lead?  We got nothing but time.  If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.  So won’t you ride with me, see where this thing goes.”  The reason why they need some time to see where the thing goes is given by the lady in the relationship: “I don’t mean to be so uptight, but my heart’s been hurt a couple times by a couple guys that didn’t treat me right.  I’m tired of the fake love.”  The important thing is that they give it time because when you don’t, you stand the chance of fake love.  What about our theme of doing whatever it takes?  How’s this?  You must do whatever it takes to stay away from fake love.  Good song.
            And the number 1 song for two weeks in a row is from Maxwell George Schneider, better known simply as MAX, and singing with him Garret Charles Nash better known as gnash, singing a song from MAX’s album “Hell’s Kitchen Angel” and the song “Lights Down Low”.  The song is an infatuation song.  “Can I stop the flow of time?” they sing, “Can I swim in your divine?  ‘Cause I don’t think I’d ever leave this place.  Turn the lights down low.  I’m feeling you breathing slow.  ‘Cause, we’re just reckless kids trying to find an island in the flood.”  They are both searching for love as they discover their love for each other and in life, we should do whatever it takes, our theme today, to search for love.
            We have heard some good thoughts about doing whatever it takes for a good life today.  My prayer for you and for me is that we will take the time to always do whatever it takes to lead good lives ourselves and to help others do the same.  Thank you for joining us today.  My thanks also to the producers of “Message at the Top,” and to the staff here at Mix 103, and to our sponsors, my friends at TMP-Marian Junior and Senior High School in Hays, Holy Family Elementary School in Hays, and Hays Car and Truck Alignment.  If you have some song suggestions, or if you want to comment on anything I have said, feel free to write me here at KJLS-FM, Hays, KS 67601 or e-mail me at  My website is where you will find a transcript of the show along with some meditations on the songs and some pretty good movies.  You can also join us on the web every Sunday morning at 10 CDT by tuning in your listening device to and clicking on Mix 103.  My closing thought for you comes from a Filipino proverb as reported by my quote manual: The hardest person to wake up is the person who is already awake.”  Now, think about that—it is another way of saying that the people who think that they have it altogether in life are probably the ones who need to wake up the most.  And such a person should do whatever it takes to do the waking. / As MAX and gnash leads us out with “Lights Down Low”, may I remind you that you are listening to today’s best music Mix 103 and our advice to you among other things is to hold a good thought.  My name is Fr. Mike Scully.  Peace to you, and be good!
1 LIGHTS DOWN LOW / MAX f/ gnash
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