Message at the Top
November 19, 2017

"How to Love Well"

Part 1
            Good morning Central Kansas and around the world!  It’s great to have you with us this second last Sunday of November—as we prepare for Thanksgiving this coming Thursday.  I hope it will be a good break for you.  Welcome to MATT.  Get set for the top 10 songs of our area right now as determined by the research from your requests and Mediabase 24-7, as well as the research of our own radio surveys for the reporting date of November 19, 2017, and get ready for some top 10 songs of the past as well.  I am Fr. Mike Scully, and you have your dial set to today’s best music, Mix 103, the number one rock station in Central Kansas.  Our motto on the show is and always will be to enjoy the music that we play here on Mix 103, and at the same time to listen to the messages of that music.  Our premise is that the messages of the songs contain thoughts that can lead to some serious thinking, thoughts that, if you carry through with them, can make your lives better than they are now.  This morning we have the top 10 as usual, but we also have some songs from the past, including people like Phillip Phillips, Carly Rae Jepsen and the group OneRepublic.
            Our lead song this morning is from a young lady who will turn 25 this coming Thursday on Thanksgiving Day itself, and that probably happens a lot for her.  And I remember when she was a young teen idol—Ms. Miley Cyrus.  We’ll honor her with a song from her young adult days and then from her teen days.  First let’s look at a song in which she sings, “We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain.  We jumped, never asking why.  I fell under your spell, a love no one could deny.  Don’t you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you.  I can’t live a lie, running for my life.  I came in like a wrecking ball, I never hit so hard in love.  All I wanted was to break your walls.  All you ever did was wreck me.  You let me burn, and now, we’re ashes on the ground.  Instead of using force, I guess I should’ve let you win.” 
            As we analyze the song, we see that the couple in the relationship had a very difficult time.  The reason seems to be that they moved into the relationship very quickly—“we jumped, never asking why” she sings.  And as they moved into it, both of them moved like “wrecking balls”—she sings: “I fell under your spell; I came in like a wrecking ball.”  And his part?  “All you did,” she sings, “was wreck me.  You let me burn.”  And so, what happened—“I can’t live a lie,” she sings.  “Now we’re ashes on the ground.”
            What should she have done, what should he have done?  Well, Miley Cyrus gives us the answer: “Instead of using force,” she sings, “I guess I should have let you win.”  I think that that is a very good insight.  When people are moving into romantic love, they can’t be bulldozers or wrecking balls.  They have to be people who want the other person to win.  I don’t agree that the other has to win in all of the situations that occur—we still have our own integrity to uphold—but there has to be a lot of give and take, and more often than not, giving is much more important than the taking.
            The thought of her song centers around the idea of loving well, and the way to do it.  And she gives a pretty good directive that works for romantic love just as well as love in general—namely, we have to let the other person in the relationship—again romantic or otherwise—to win in some situations.
            Winning in some situations is only one thought that goes with loving well.  There are other thoughts that the songs of our land supply as well.  In fact, let’s ask the songs of our show today about that idea of loving well—what are some ways to love well in our world? 
            Starting us off is a double play from Miley Cyrus, our lead song followed by her excellent leadership song.  This is her song from her album “Bangerz,” Miley Cyrus and “Wrecking Ball” on MATT.
(double)    WRECKING BALL / Miley Cyrus
                                    THE CLIMB / Miley Cyrus
Part 2
            A great song of leadership from teen idol—at that time—Miley Cyrus, and her song “The Climb” from the movie “Hannah Montana: the Movie”.  It contains the essence of how to grow well.  It’s not the destination so much, it’s the journey, or as she sings, “Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb.”  “I can almost see it,” she sings, “that dream I am dreaming, but there’s a voice inside my head saying, ‘you’ll never reach it.’  Every step I’m taking, every move I make feels lost with no direction, my faith is shaking, but I gotta keep trying, gotta keep my head held high.  Always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose.”  Super words, and a super leadership song—saying: “do your best, hang in there through thick and thin, you are learning
as you growing.  Keep it up.  It’s the climb that counts.”  We live with that attitude, and we will learn some very valuable things about love, and we will love well, our theme today—the theme that she—Miley Cyrus—gave us with her song “Wrecking Ball.  Happy birthday to her this Thanksgiving.
            Our first triple play today begins with Sam Smith, then continues with Phillip Phillips and closes with Kelly Clarkson.  First to number 10 and Sam Smith’s latest top 10 song.  It is a song of past pain that the person in the song has let affect his present state of mind.  He has been hurt in the past, and he doesn’t want to be hurt again.  “I’m never gonna let you close to me”, he sings, “even though you mean the most to me.  ‘Cause every time I open up, it hurts.  Every time you hurt me, the less that I cry, and every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry.  I’m way too good at goodbyes.”  Pursuing our theme of how to love well, a person will have to discover how to work with pain in his/her life, especially in romantic livess.  This is 25 year old Samuel Frederick Smith from London England from his future album “The Thrill of It All”, “Too Good at Goodbyes”, number 10 on MATT.
(triple)        10 TOO GOOD AT GOODBYES / Sam Smith
                                    HOME / Phillip Phillips
                      9 LOVE SO SOFT / Kelly Clarkson
Part 3
            That was American Idol Ms. Kelly Clarkson from her latest album, “Meaning of Life,” an interesting video by the way and her song at number 9 and “Love So Soft” on MATT.  She sings of a love that she wants to give someone, but she tells him that he must be careful with it.  “Yeah, every kiss is a door.  Can I knock on yours?  If a touch is a key, keep on twisting, keep on turning me.  Let me in.  I wanna be closer to you, let you under my skin.  If I let you in, you gotta be careful with it.  Love so soft, you ain’t had nothing softer; break it, then you buy it and it sure gonna cost ya.  Love so soft that you can’t rub off.  You gonna love it if you try it.  Got you hooked.”  So, she wants to give the love, but she also wants to be treated with respect as she sings a little later.  One of the things that we must remember if we want to love well, our theme this morning, is to treat everyone, not just the one we love, with a little more respect
            Before her, we heard a former number 1 from 2012, another American Idol Phillip Phillips and his song “Home”.  It is a song of assurance to the other in the relationship that she can be at home with him.  “Hold on to me as we go,” he begins the song, “As we roll down this unfamiliar road and although this wave is stringing us along, just know you’re not alone ‘cause I’m going to make this place your home.  Settle down, it’ll all be clear.  Don’t pay no mind to the demons.  They fill you with fear.  The trouble: it might drag you down.  If you get lost, you can always be found.  Just know you’re not alone, ‘cause I’m going to make this place your home.”  Tying it into our theme this morning, one of secrets to loving well is that one person in the relationship feels like the other person is right at home with him/her and vice-versa.
            Our theme this week concerns some things that can make us love well.  It came from birthday person Miley Cyrus and her song “Wrecking Ball”.  Get ready for / in order of appearance: birthday person Carly Rae Jepsen, Owl City, Shawn Mendes, Drake, and Ed Sheeran.  As we go to break, here is a thought about love from poet Robert Frost: “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”  Now, think about that!  And when we irresistibly desire someone, we will understand what it means to love well.  I’m Fr. Mike Scully inviting you to stay with us.  Your dial is set for today’s best music Mix 103 and you are listening to “Message at the Top”.
Part 4
            You are in tune with MATT, your top 10 show on Mix 103.  Thank you for joining us this morning.  We welcome you back to the songs that have been the most popular in this area during this past week that ends today, November 19, 2017.  We take the top 10 of the present and some from the past and study their messages, and then call our show MATT.  I’m your host Fr. Mike Scully.  It’s great to have you here.  We began our show with a theme and title setting song from Miley Cyrus and her song “Wrecking Ball” and we are playing our way through the top 10 of today and yesterday looking for ways to love well.
            Carly Rae Jepsen was born on November 21, 1985 which will make her 32 years old on Tuesday.  She is a Canadian singer, songwriter and actress.  She performed in several lead roles in her high school’s musical productions, eventually pursuing musical theatre at the Canadian College of Performing Arts.  Upon completing her studies, she moved to Vancouver and in 2007 placed third on Canadian Idol, season five.  Here she sings a song which is the best-selling single record in the year 2012, a song that was number 1 in 18 countries, including us.  It is a typical “infatuation” song, in that the lady in the song wants a young man to notice her, which is the topic of the clever and cute video as well.  “I threw a wish in the well,” she sings, “I looked to you as it fell, and now you’re in my way.  Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe?  It’s hard to look right at you, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe?”  Beginning a love relationship is always difficult, and we have to work at it if we want it to begin well.  In terms of our theme today, she wants to love well, and it must start somewhere and the song is the lady’s story.  Happy birthday to her on Tuesday; this is Canadian singer/songwriter Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen from her album “Curiosity” and her song “Call Me Maybe”, former number 1 and really popular on MATT.
(double)  CALL ME MAYBE / Carly Rae Jepsen
                      GOOD TIME / Owl City f/ Carly Rae Jepsen
Part 5
            MATT presenting a song from Owl City’s album “The Midsummer Station” and also on birthday person Tuesday Carly Rae Jepsen’s album “Kiss”, and their song “Good Time” from the year 2012.  It is a happy song of good times.  “Woke up on the right side of the bed,” they sing, “What’s up with this Prince song inside my head?  Hands up if you’re down to get down tonight ‘cause it’s always a good time.  Slept in all my clothes like I didn’t care, hopped into a cab, take me anywhere.  I’m in if you’re down to get down tonight ‘cause it’s always a good time.  Good morning and good night.  I’ll wake up at twilight.  It’s gonna be alright.  We don’t even have to try: it’s always a good time.  Doesn’t matter when: it’s always a good time.”  So, a song that says that no matter what, it’s always a good time.  To me, that is a great attitude and sets up a way of living, I believe.  And if we have that attitude, it can easily lead to loving well, our theme today, no matter who or what we are trying to love.  Good song.
            Another triple play is in store for us now from these fancy computers.  It begins with Shawn Mendes.  It is a song of the man in the relationship about his girlfriend: “I wanna follow where she goes; I think about her and she knows it.  I wanna let her take control ‘cause every time that she gets close, she pulls me in enough to keep me guessing.  I’ve been shaking; I love it when you go crazy.  You take all my inhibitions: there’s nothing holdin’ me back.”  So, he is putting into words exactly what he must do in order to make the relationship real.  If we want to love well in a romantic way, our theme today, we have to be pretty certain about the person we are loving in a romantic way. / Joining him in the triple are Ed Sheeran and Drake, but this is from his album “Illuminate,” Shawn Mendes, and his song at number 8, former number 1, “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” on MATT. 
(triple)     8 THERE’S NOTHING HOLDIN’ ME BACK / Shawn Mendes
                                    HOTLINE BLING / Drake
                                    7 PERFECT / Ed Sheeran
Part 6
            Our theme next week when we will talk about some characteristics that make a situation perfect, a beautiful love song, that was Ed Sheeran, another hit from his album which is just a division sign, “Perfect”, number 7 on MATT.  “I found a love for me,” he begins the song, “just dive right in and follow my lead.  I found a girl, beautiful and sweet, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me ‘cause we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was.  I will not give you up this time, your heart is all I own and in your eyes you’re holding mine.  When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath, but you heard it, you look perfect tonight.”  Looking at the words of the song and the video, there is little doubt that he has found the person that he really wants to love well, and he is showing it by the words that he has written.
            Before him, we heard the Grammy award winning Best Rap Song last year from Canadian singer/songwriter/rapper/actor Aubrey Drake Graham, better known simply as Drake and his song “Hotline Bling”.  His album from which it is taken namely “Views” was also nominated for best rap album.  It is a song of a breakup that has happened, and the man in the relationship is not sure what really happened.  “You used to call me on my cell phone late night when you need my love.  And I know when that hotline bling that can only mean one thing.  Since I left the city you got a reputation for yourself now.  Everybody knows and I feel left out.  You got me down, you got me stressed out, ‘cause ever since I left the city, you started goin' out more, glasses of champagne out on the dance floor, hangin' with some girls I've never seen before.  Ever since I left the city, you and me we just don't get along.  You make me feel like I did you wrong, going places where you don't belong.”  So, a break up initiated by the lady in the relationship, one would assume, and it is extremely difficult for the man to handle.  Before we can learn to love well, our theme today, there’s little doubt that someone will have to apologize to the other when something has gone wrong.
            Our topic this morning is that thought of finding what loving well consists of.  That thought was spoken by Miley Cyrus at the beginning of our show this morning and her song “Wrecking Ball”.  We will continue to search with that thought in mind on MATT in just a few moments with songs at numbers 6, 5 and 4 along with extras from Kelly Clarkson again, OneRepublic and Taylor Swift.  Let me take you to break with a thought about love from British philosopher Bertrand Russell, a Nobel prize in Literature recipient: It's easy to fall in love.  The hard part is finding someone to catch you.”  As you think about that, loving well will fit into your thought.  You bet.  Stay with us; we’ll be right back.  You’ve got MATT on Mix 103.
Part 7
            Good morning, everyone!  We are back for “Message at the Top” and we welcome you back to the top 10 songs of our area as determined by our research and your requests.  We call our show MATT because we take those top 10 songs and analyze their meanings and messages in the light of how we can live better in this complicated world.  I am Fr. Mike Scully, your host for the top 10 show of today’s best music Mix 103, and we are pursuing a theme from birthday person on Thanksgiving Miley Cyrus and her song “Wrecking Ball”.  The theme that comes from it is “How to Love Well.”  Welcome back to our second hour together.
            And welcome to two triple plays during this segment, the first of which begins right now with the number 6 song this week from Kesha Rose Sebert or simply Ke$ha with a dollar sign.  Incredibly it is a song of the love of someone, presumably a boyfriend, who has hurt her, and she is wishing him well.  “Well, you almost had me fooled, told me that I was nothing without you.  I can thank you for how strong I have become ‘cause you brought the flames and you put me through hell.  I hope you’re somewhere praying, I hope your soul is changing.  I hope you find your peace falling on your knees, praying.  Sometimes, I pray for you at night, but some things, only God can forgive.”  Working with our theme this week, namely “How to Love Well”—praying for the one you love will certainly make for a good relationship. / Joining her in the triple are Taylor Swift and OneRepublic, but MATT presents Ke$ha and the song is number 6 right now, “Praying” on MATT. 
(triple)        6 PRAYING / Ke$ha
                                    SHAKE IT OFF / Taylor Swift
                                    SECRETS / OneRepublic
Part 8
            The MATT music network presenting there the group OneRepublic and their song “Secrets” from 2011 from their album “Waking Up”.  Their song is the answer that the person in the song gives to someone whom he has not told enough to in the past.  “I’ve been on the brink,” the man in the relationship sings, “so, tell me what you want to hear; I’m sick of all the insincere, so I’m gonna give all my secrets away this time.  Don’t need another perfect line, don’t care if critics never jump in line, I’m gonna give all my secrets away.”  What has happened in the past leads the person in the song to be sincere, and true sincerity is one of the secrets—pun intended—of how to love well, our theme this morning.
            Before them, we heard from a Grammy award winning Album of the Year, “1989”, Taylor Swift and a song from 2014, “Shake It Off” with the lady in the song saying that she "shakes off" the insulting words that are spoken to her.  "I stay out too late.  Got nothing in my brain, that’s what people say.  I go on too many dates, but I can’t make them stay.  At least that’s what people say.  But I keep cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving.  It’s like I got this music in my mind, saying ‘It’s gonna be alright.’  ‘Cause the players gonna play, and the haters gonna hate.  I’m just gonna shake.  I shake it off.  Heartbreakers gonna break, and the fakers gonna fake.  I’m just gonna shake it off.”  She is taking charge of her own life, not worrying about what people say.  That, of course, is very good, and if she does it well, she is well on her way to loving well, our theme today.
            As promised, we have another triple play for you right now, this time from Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson again, and beginning right here with the number 5 song in our nation from Niall Horan.  It is the story of two people in love who want their relationship to continue.  “Slow hands,” he sings, “Like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry.  No chance that I’m leaving here without you on me.  I know that there ain’t no stopping your plans and those slow hands.  I just wanna take my time.  We could do this all night ‘cause I want you bad.  Fingertips putting on a show, got me now and I can’t say ‘No,’ wanna be with you all alone.  Take me home.  Can’t you tell that I want you.”  So, both in the relationship really wanting the relationship, and you are led to believe that the time that they spend working on the relationship is well worth it for them.  Thinking of the song with our theme, when people are so devoted to one another, as they seem to be in this song, they certainly love well.  At number 5, a former number 1 from Niall Horan and his song “Slow Hands” on MATT.
(triple)     5 SLOW HANDS / Niall Horan
                      MR. KNOW IT ALL / Kelly Clarkson
                      4 WHAT LOVERS DO / Maroon 5 f. SZA
Part 9
       The MATT music network presenting Maroon 5 featuring rap singer Solana Imani Rowe, better known as SZA, and their song from Maroon 5’s upcoming album, “Red Pill Blues” moving up to number 4 this week, “What Lovers Do.”.  The song says what lovers have to do is to make up their minds about each other which is exactly what must happen.  “Tell me if you love me or not.  I bet the house on you.  Am I lucky or not?  Been wishin’ for you.  Are we too grown for games?  Are we too grown to play around, young enough to chase, but old enough to know better.  I can’t wait forever.  Both of us should know better.”  Thinking with our theme of “How to Love Well,” one thing that must happen is that they decide relatively soon whether their love is for real or not.
            Before them, we heard one of American Idol number 1 Kelly Clarkson’s songs, from her album “Stronger,” “Mr. Know It All” from the year 2011, the second time we have heard from her this morning.  The song is about the importance of knowing another person in a relationship.  She sings of the lady in a relationship who is letting the other person in that relationship know that she is leaving because he claimed to know her and really didn’t.  “Mr. Know It All,” she sings, “Well, you think you know it all, but you don’t know a thing at all.  Ain’t it something when somebody tells you something ‘bout you, think that they know you more than you do.”  He’s trying to do that to the lady, and so she says: “I ain’t laying down.  You should know that I lead, not follow.  Oh, you think that you know me.  That’s why I’m leaving you lonely, ‘cause you don’t know a thing about me.”  Knowing another in a relationship is essential to the relationship, of course, but often we think that we know the other and really don’t.  One of the things that leads to loving another well, our theme today, is really knowing the person well.
            Ah, isn’t it interesting what these songs of rock music bring into our thoughts, and I do love to give my opinion of them.  “How to Love Well” is our thought this morning.  We are asking our music to explore that theme which we will continue to do with another segment in just one minute.  Before that happens, we will have a break, and before that break, let me say this from Albert Einstein, no less, and one of those quotes that really makes you think given the technology we have today: “I fear the day,” Albert Einstein writes, “the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.  The world will have a generation of idiots.”  Whoa—listen to that again, and does it say something about us?  Those words can disturb but in the end we may find a secret to loving other people well.  I’m Fr. Mike Scully, this show is MATT, this radio station is Mix 103, and we’ll be right back.
Part 10
            This is “Message at the Top”, on Mix 103.  Thank you for joining us this morning.  I am Fr. Mike Scully, and our show gives you the top 10 songs of our area, as well as some top 10’s of the past.  And what is amazing about all of our songs is that with a little bit of help, they can actually teach us something about ourselves and about our behavior.  The topic of our show today concerns some thoughts about loving well—that thought having come from Miley Cyrus whose birthday is on Thanksgiving and her song “Wrecking Ball”.  We move to our segment 10 presentation and the year 2012, and three of the top songs of that year.
            Number 1 in that year of 2012 is someone we have heard already two times this morning, American Idol number 1.  Her song is a song that describes a situation that could bring about real anger and revenge, and there seems to be a little of that, but mainly, it is about a breakup that made the person in the song stronger.  “You know the bed feels warmer,” she begins the song, “sleeping here alone.  You think you got the best of me, think you had the last laugh, bet you think that everything good is gone, but you’re dead wrong.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller.  Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.  What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter, footsteps even lighter, doesn’t mean I’m over ‘cause you’re gone.”  I use this theme on my website: “Negative experiences can make us better if we want them to.”  And that is a great thought and one of the ingredients to loving well, our theme today—take the negative things that happen, and unfortunately, there will be some, but let them make you better than you are right now.  The number 1 song of meaning from the year of 2012 and the number 1 song of popularity that year according to Mediabase 24/7 is from Kelly Clarkson and the album named after the song, “Stronger” on MATT. 
(triple)     STRONGER / Kelly Clarkson
                      SOMEBODY THAT I USED KNOW / Gotye f/ Kimbra
                      I WON’T GIVE UP / Jason Mraz
Part 11
            MATT presenting there Mr. Jason Mraz from his album “Love is a Four Letter Word”, the number 4 song of meaning of 2012 according to MATT, “I Won’t Give Up”.  It is a very high song of meaning because of its statement about commitment, especially the commitment of marriage—something so necessary in our world today.  “I won’t give up on us,” he sings, “even if the skies get rough.  I’m giving you all my love, I’m still looking up.  And when you’re needing your space to do some navigating, I’ll be here patiently waiting to see what you find.  And in the end, you’re still my friend; at least we did intend for us to work.  We didn’t break, we didn’t burn.  We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in.  I had to learn what I’ve got, and what I’m not, and who I am.”  Great words describing what it means to live a commitment.  On my website, with the meditation on the song, I use this theme: “If a person makes a permanent commitment, it must be a permanent commitment.”  And tying it into our theme today, if we know how to make a commitment permanent, we know how to love well.
            Before him, we heard the intriguing sound of Belgian-Australian singer Gotye singing along with New Zealand singer/songwriter Kimbra, from Gotye’s album, “Making Mirrors,” and the song “Somebody That I Used to Know”, a former number 1, what MATT and Mediabase 24/7 make the number 2 song of meaning of 2012 and the number 2 song of popularity.  Many charts had it at number 1.  It is a relatively bitter song about a breakup.  The man in the relationship is thinking back to the moment of the breakup and he felt alright about it, but then he adds: “But you didn’t have to cut me off, make out like it never happened and that we were nothing, and I don’t even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough.  No, you didn’t have to stoop so low.  Now you’re somebody that I used to know.”  What makes it such a high song of meaning for me is that we should learn what not to do in a relationship and in life.  As I say it on my website, “There are difficulties in life, but we must learn to work with them in a Christian way.”  Never resort to hurting others just because things don’t work out—and that’s a secret to loving well, our theme today.
            But that was then, and this is now, and so we traverse to this Sunday before Thanksgiving, namely today, and the top 3 songs of our land.  At number 3 is Imagine Dragons.  It is a song that says to all of us to “never give up on your dreams,” which is part of the words of the song.  The person in the song sets the stage of not being just another person: “I was dreaming of bigger things, not a follower, I was lightning before the thunder.”  Other kids were making fun of him, but now he sings, “I’m smiling from the stage while you were clapping in the nosebleeds.”  It is a great leadership song—follow your dreams, be what you can be.  With our theme being “How to Love Well,” one of the things that we must learn is a little self-confidence.  MATT presenting here the second song from their most recent album “Evolve,” the group Imagine Dragons at number 3 and their song “Thunder” on MATT.
(double)    3 THUNDER / Imagine Dragons
                                    2 FEEL IT STILL / Portugal.The Man
Part 12
            Falling from the number 1 position which they held for four weeks in a row, now at number 2 is the group Portugal.The Man and their song “Feel It Still” on MATT.  “Can’t keep my hands to myself,” they sing, “think I’ll dust ‘em off, put ‘em back up on the shelf in case my little baby girl is in need.  Am I coming out of left field?  I’m a rebel just for kicks, now I been feeling it since 1966, now might be over now, but I feel it still.  Let me kick it like it’s 1986, now might be over now, but I feel it still.  Is it coming?”  It seems to be a song in which the person is remembering what it was like before and what was now—then—is over, but he would like the feeling again.  In terms of our theme today, one of the things that we must have in order to love well is a healthy picture of the past as we live in the present.
       And the new number 1 song is from Alecia Beth Moore Hart, better known as Pink, from her upcoming album “Beautiful Trauma”, and her song “What About Us”.  It is a great song to study.  “We are searchlights,” she begins, “we can see in the dark; we are billions of beautiful hearts, and you sold us down the river too far.  What about us? What about all the times you said you had the answers?  We are problems that want to be solved; we are children that need to be loved.  What about love?  What about trust?  What about us?”  It can be viewed as a protest song about the way that some people are treated in our world.  It could be more or less a statement to people who are in charge that there are people who are neglected, and a statement that everyone is important.  In terms of our theme, in order to love one person well, it’s pretty important to love everyone as best we can.
            Our theme today has been just that—what are thoughts about loving well, that thought having come from Miley Cyrus and her song “Wrecking Ball”.  My prayer for you and for me is that we all learn to love well, both in a romantic way and according to our religious beliefs.  My thanks to our producers, and sponsors, especially our sponsors at Hays Car and Truck Alignment, Holy Family Elementary School in Hays, and Thomas More Prep-Marian Junior and Senior High School in Hays.  If you want to contact me by mail, I hope you do so at KJLS radio, Hays, KS, 67601 or my e-mail address is  My website is where you will find some meditations on these songs and some great movies.  You can catch us on the web every Sunday at 10 by going to and clicking on Mix 103.  One final thought before we go about difficulties in life.  It comes from the famous philosopher Mr. Charlie Brown from Peanuts: “A hasty word or misguided action is like dropping an ice cream cone on the sidewalk.  It just lays there, and you know you’ve dropped it and there’s nothing you can do.  It’s too late.  Rats.”  Ah, that says it so well.  As you listen to the number 1 song in our land right now, “What About Us” by Pink, may I remind you that you are listening to today’s best music Mix 103, and our advice to you is to hold a good thought.  My name is Fr. Mike Scully.  Peace to you, and be good.
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